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CBC Inclusive School and Braille Center

CBC Inclusive School and Braille Center



The CBC Inclusive Primary School and Braille Center (IPSBC) formally known as CBC Integrated School for the Blind Kumbo (ISFB), started in 1981 providing formal education to learners with Visual impairments. In 2017 CBC changed the name of the school from ISFB-Kumbo to IPSBC Kumbo in order to align with the global development trends and good practices in Education. There has been a paradigm shift from integration where children with visual impairments had to make the effort to fit into the existing systems, to inclusion where focus is on the school making changes in order to accommodate children with disabilities.

The school runs a 4 year center-based pre-school component to effectively prepare children with visual impairments for inclusion into mainstream schools.


To provide formal and quality education to children with visual impairment in sustainable ways.


  1. Improve on the quality of life of children with visual impairments through providing quality education.
  2. Provide an opportunity for each child to develop effective written communication. skills especially Braille


  1. Teaching of Braille ,Mobility and Orientation. skills
  2. Transcription of work for children with profound visual impairments in mainstream schools.
  3. Provision of Low Vision services.
  4. Counseling to families of children with Visual impairments.
  5. Teaching of typing and Computer literacy skills
  6. Brailling of teaching and learning resources
  7. Advocacy for accessibility for children with, visual impairments and community involvement in the education of children with visual impairments.


  • The school has graduated over 1000 pupils/ students and some of whom have had  formal employment with the private and public sectors.
  • 6 students from the school who enrolled in the Higher Teacher Training Collage  have graduated  and now teaching in mainstream government schools
  • Some of the students have graduated from the school of Theology and are now severing as Pastors in some churches